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Odell Grade School #435



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What Did We Learn in Art?

by Mrs. Sullan

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Kindergarten & 1st   - The students described and created different types of lines and the stories they each tell:  zig zag, curvy, slow and pokey, dashes and dots.  We then explored a variety of shapes and drew favorite shapes on watercolor paper cut for bookmark use.  The watercolor was applied over the waxy crayon that pops thru the paint.  Students also painted with tempera paint, a much thicker paint than watercolors.  Mixing the primary colors into the secondary colors brought much excitement and exclamations of WOW!   Finally, the texture boxes were brought out and secret textures within were explored by touch not sight. The students created rubbings from various textured surfaces around the room.  Scissor safety test is also held each fall and Mrs. Sullan observed each student’s hand control, sitting safely and remembering to put scissors down when getting up to get more paper.  A great start of the year!   ;  )

2nd Grade  -  Students were able to observe from fresh flower arrangements at each ART table the various shapes of flower centers, and shapes of the petals.  Mrs. Sullan was impressed with the observational skills that the students showed.  2nd grade also begins to memorize the “Little Sammy Squirrel Climbs Trees Very Fast” phrase that helps us to remember the 7 elements of ART.  Each beginning letter stands for an element.  The class again amazed Mrs. Sullan with their drawings of squirrels, adding fun details like acorns and jelly sandwiches.  Finally, 2nd grade did leaf rubbings, drew pumpkins, and dolphin drawings, the last earning $ for the Save the Dolphin cause.

3rd Grade  -  The students amazed Mrs. Sullan with their very mature ability to control mixing the primary colors for the secondary colors, all the while painting a rainbow, keeping the colors distinctly separate.  Way to go 3rd grade!  Wrapping up this art project of  “What is at the end of your rainbow?” the students drew with black sharpie drawings of his/her rainbow wishes.  Each one was unique and personal >  the goal of ART!

4th Grade  - The students explored and researched seashells.  Artists usually need to do a lot of research and sketches. And the 4th grade did record in sketches shapes they were interested in drawing on the main project.  The final project was colored with colored pencil and a sand texture created by using wall texture rubbings. 3-D  pumpkins were then studied and drawn in a larger scene using crayon so colors could be blended.  Watercolor resist was the final stage of the pumpkin creation and many unique and interesting textures were created.

5th Grade  -  We started our Fiber Arts Unit.  We looked at quilts, mainly 9 patch and tumbling block patterns.  Each student designed his/her own 9 patch, and repeated it 3 across and 3 down. The art element of ‘value’ was illustrated with the tumbling block coloring sheet.  Many students had time to expand this basic starting point into individual rabbit trails.  One of Mrs. Sullan’s ultimate goals.  : )   We are now weaving on cardboard box looms -  google it and make one at home!  super fun.

6th Grade  -  Positive/Negative shapes were studied and reproduced with cut paper.The art element of ‘value’ was studied and a value scale was drawn with pencil, paving the way for the acrylic painting study of 3 different values.  6th grade is my stage crew for the Winter Music Program and so each student is now creating a cartoon dog for the props.  Each puppy is unique and endearing.  Way to go, 6th grade.

Art Elective  -  We started the year out with drawing objects of interest, using still lifes and imagination.  Drawing involves line  (duh, Mrs. Sullan ) and so we talked about variant and contour line, and the different moods each communicates.  We progressed to watercolor resist using a main object for the composition. Art Elective is an opportunity for the student interested in art to become more familiar with art materials and advanced art goals.