Odell News

  • Thank you to the school board for purchasing the AR license, and award pins.

  • Thank you to TABS for donating funds for gift cards.

  • Thank you parents, teachers, and staff for supporting the students in this endeavor!

Special awards: 50 A.R. Certificates and pins for students that met or exceeded their 3rd goal (Blue Certificates = Met 3rd Goal, Gold Certificates = exceeded 3rd Goal), 1 Barnes and Nobel Gift Card for most goals met in the school, D.Q. gift cards for most goals met in class (1-8) and students that earned 100 points or more.

Highest number of goals met for class: 1st Madison Voss-9, 2nd Trinity Aull-4, 3rd Haddie Fearman-6, 4th Brooklyn Williams-4, 6th Addison Donnelley 9, 7th Seth Mund-8, 8th Summer NegRay-14,

**** HIGHEST IN SCHOOL: 5th Taylor Henson-20

Earned 100 points or more: 3rd Gavin Vejvoda-111.3, 5th Casey Vejvoda-115.9, 6th Dane Riley-118.1, 7th Seth Mund-147.1, Korbin Lemay-118.9, 8th Summer NegRay-202.2, Brianna Hilleary-144.1, Hana Bartnik-135, and Emma Reichardt-123.8,

**** HIGHEST IN SCHOOL: 5th Taylor Henson-248.5

Certificates/Pins-goals met

1st: Raelynn Combelic-3, Lily Muir-5, Joslin Payton-3, Riley Riebel-4, A’Marion Schott-3,

Tristan Slagel-5, Madison Voss-9, Peyton Welsh-4

2nd: Trinity Aull-4, Alexis Drechsel-3, Chloe Drechsel-4, Madelyn Melland-3,

 Annabelle Reiff-3, Levi Warman-3

3rd: Khloe Billings-3, Haddie Fearman-6, Addison Gall-3, Tinley Henson-3, Aaron Schott-3,

Gavin Vejvoda-5.9, Reagan Voss-5.2

4th: Anna Gall-3, Brooklyn Williams-4

5th: Nevaeh Billings-3, Emma Bolen-3, Abigail Gall-5, Kylie Hall-5, Taylor Henson-20,

Dylan Mabe-4, Gabriel Reimer-4, Ayden Schott-3, Sydney Short-4, Casey Vejvoda-9

6th: Addison Donnelley-9, Tyler Drechsel-3, Addison Hall-3, Dane Riley-7

7th: Korbin Lemay-6, Seth Mund-8

8th: Hana Bartnik-7, Robert Bolen-3, Anthony Colon-4, Marli Coulter-3, Alaina Franklin-5,

Brianna Hilleary-9, Chayse Knobbe-3, Alexander McMeen-4, Summer NegRay-14,

Emma Reichardt-6