Hi Odell friends and family!

I am so excited to announce that in less than 24 hours, friends and family of Odell Grade School have raised over $3000 towards putting books in children’s hands! This is absolutely incredible, and we are so grateful for people like you!

If you have a student here at Odell Grade School, you can still get those email addresses and phone numbers entered. Reminder: you MUST enter 10 or more email addresses or phone numbers in order for your student to take home the goodies. Your student will also be entered to win the chance at the iPad and Treasure Chest full of Cash. Register/continue entering contact information here: Odell Grade School Book Blast ends April 29th (booksarefun.com)

If you do not have a student at Odell Grade School and would like to make a donation to this amazing Book Blast, you can send your donations here: https://bit.ly/3xgyJRg

Our first Treasure Chest Winner was Wesley McMeen! Congratulations Wesley!